10 or so reasons to LOGIK!

I remember the first time Logik (Cycle Logik then) popped up in my Facebook news feed. An acquaintance of mine had liked their page. The picture showed a room with spin bikes, fun lighting, and big colorful screens. It looked very futuristic! I immediately figured it was a gym in a big city… Maybe LA or Dallas, or maybe even Columbus but definitely not in Dayton. However upon investigation, and much to my surprise, it was in fact in Dayton! Centerville to be exact AND they were offering ONE WEEK FREE! Sold! I mean, it’s free, it’s colorful, I’m going. I’ve never really done spin. A couple classes here and there, never consistently; but, the pictures alone were enough to spark my curiosity.

from logik

I grabbed this photo from the Logik Facebook Page. View more here.

I’ve been to and belonged to many different gyms … Recreation Centers, LA Fitness, Gold’s, Premier Fitness, Snap Fitness, etc. While all these other gyms have great benefits, to this day not one can hold a candle to Logik.

I could bore you with the love story of how this place stole my heart, the way they’ve grown, and every tiny detail that makes it so special, but instead, I’m just going to bullet point my top 10 reasons this place ROCKS.

In no particular order:

  1. Staff (friendly, approachable, and always ready to help)
  2. Cleanliness (you don’t even have to wipe down your bike or yoga mat!)
  3. Heart Rate Training
  4. Flashing Lights and Loud Music
  5. Wide selection of classes (boot camp, yoga, spin, boxing, TRX, and more!)
  6. Knowledgeable trainers and instructors
  7. Prizes (that’s right – book bags, water bottles, food, gym credit $$$)
  8. Yoga Room (as nice as a yoga studio)
  9. Logik’s Secret Scent Cold Towels
  10. Bathrooms Fully Stocked (shampoo, conditioner, Q-tips, towels, hairspray, etc.)
  11. Person Locker
  12. Free coffee
  13. Non-intimidating (zero gym d-bags… literally zero)
  14. Logik Merchandise
  15. Men in bike shorts

OK OK I’m getting carried away… but seriously, have you seen a guy walk by in bike shorts? HELLO!!!


This place is amazing. I do pay a bit more per month to attend, but we all have our financial priorities. I don’t carry a Michel Kors purse or purchase makeup from Mac, or wear Lululemon. We all choose how to spend our money and this place is worth every penny.

Friends always ask me, “When are you going next? I want to try it.” I always give the same response, “I’m there just about every day. Come anytime.”


Sign up and get a week free HERE!

Map it!


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