Crossfit sucks.

I’ve never tried it… I’ve considered trying it but their recent attack at diabetics has me feeling complete disgust. Here is how my fire has been fueled:

Post #1:


This post caused an immediate outburst from type one diabetics. Many people don’t know the difference between type one and type two diabetes. Here’s a quickie on the difference:

Differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

Symptoms usually start in childhood or young adulthood. People often seek medical help, because they are seriously ill from sudden symptoms of high blood sugar. The person may not have symptoms before diagnosis. Usually the disease is discovered in adulthood, but an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with the disease.
Episodes of low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) are common. There are no episodes of low blood sugar level, unless the person is taking insulin or certain diabetes medicines.
It cannot be prevented. It can be prevented or delayed with a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy weight, eating sensibly, and exercising regularly.

Source: WebMD

As a type one diabetic, I spend so much time explaining to people the difference, “No. It’s not the same kind your grandma has. No. Exercising won’t make it go away. No. I did not eat too much sugar as a child. No. Eating vegetables won’t get rid of it.” Blah blah blah….

So thank you Crossfit for placing ALL diabetics into ONE category with your initial ignorant post. I can’t wait until the next time my blood sugar is low and I reach for a Coca-Cola and get to explain why it’s OK that I drink that Coke.

A couple weeks ago my blood sugar was 42. (It should be around 100) I was sweating, dizzy, and close to face-planting. I went to purchase jelly beans at the gift shop at work and the sales clerk said, “Should you be eating those with your diabetes.”

So again, thank you Crossfit for adding to the confusion.

Post #2:


So now Crossfit (after the extreme backlash they received from the public and celebrities like Nick Jonas) decides to re-direct their insult directly to type two diabetics.

First of all, this meme is just stupid.

Second, as a type one diabetic, I do struggle with understanding how someone could let themselves get type two diabetes. I certainly don’t eat the best all the time, but I do work out a lot; and, if I could get rid of my diabetes or prevent it, I certainly would. I would give up sugar for the rest of my life if I didn’t have to take one more shot or have to think twice about high or low blood sugar. I would never wish this disease on anyone; and, if someone has a choice, to change their lifestyle to avoid getting it, I cannot understand why they wouldn’t. That said, for a gym or fitness program to take direct, insulting stabs at people is just wrong.

In my eyes, being healthy is so much more than how many deadlifts you can do or how big your muscles are. It’s about being well-rounded in life. It’s about staying positive and having a good self-esteem in addition to the physical fitness.

The Webster Dictionary defines health as this:

the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially :  freedom from physical disease or pain”

Yes, obesity can cause health issues, a lot of health issues…more than just diabetes; but, why wouldn’t a gym that is promoting health and wellness want to promote in a positive way? Crossfit missed out on the health of the mind and spirit when they chose to insult people. Why not post genuine facts about the health risks associated with diabetes and ways to avoid them instead of posting satirical memes? Leave that for the trolls.

Post #3


Ok, really? Just shut the F*$# up already.

They just won’t drop it.

I know fellow T1Ds that are embarrassed to tell people about their disease and it’s because of the picture painted by companies like this.

Three weeks ago I was considering trying Crossfit but here are the facts (that may or may not be true but to play fair I’m just going to throw it out there and not do any research):

  1. The company is pathetic and places themselves on a pedestal above others.
  2. They’d rather argue with the public than promote their company in a positive light.
  3. Doing Crossfit causes injuries because people push themselves too hard, too fast.
  4. Only people who don’t eat sugar are allowed to do Crossfit.
  5. The Crossfit phase will pass. 

There are so many amazing fitness programs out there that make people feel welcome and can help people change their lives through positive health promotion. Friends, why settle for a company like this? #boycottcrossfit

Dear Insulin Pump

Dear Insulin Pump,

First off, please know this is not goodbye, only see you later. You and I have had a great relationship. We’ve been together for ten years! You are insanely smart and have always done a great job taking care of me. I remember the first day we met, my life changed for the better. Ten years is a long time. It’s nothing I regret and I will give you glowing reviews to my friends; but, I need a change.

You see…you’re “clingy.” You do not embarrass me but you are ALWAYS there. When we get tangled up you can really be a pain. I’m sick of sharing the bed with you. You get in the way and it can be uncomfortable to sleep. Sometimes you whine in the middle of the night for no reason. No matter how much attention I give you, you just won’t shut up. And to be completely honest, you’re not always right. You can really weigh me down. There are many days that there’s just not enough room for you. You’ve never been supportive of fitted dresses, swimsuits, or pants without pockets. You never let me swim for more than 20 minutes at a time, and this is a problem because it’s been a HOT summer so far. I’m headed to Cancun soon and I think it would just be better that you don’t come.

Now that I’ve put that out there, it will not all be rainbows and butterflies without you. My new relationship is going to require some work…and some math. However, I don’t mind math, and I need to keep my options open right now. You’ve always been supportive of my workouts and cater very well to my needs. I don’t know how this will all work in my new relationship but I want to try. The beautiful thing about this break up is I know you’ll still be there when I need you. I promise to tuck you away in a safe spot and I know you’ll be ready for me when I return. This is not forever and most importantly remember, it’s not you… it’s me.

Farewell for now,


PS – You kind of look like a pager.


… a final kiss goodbye. I’m excited to be going back on multiple daily injections and am working to get a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor to manage my diabetes without a pump. 🙂